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About Cathy

We understand that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it’s a life-changing experience. That’s why our team of highly-seasoned real estate professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized service for all of our clients at each step of the process. We take great pride in the relationships we build and always work relentlessly on the client’s behalf to help them achieve their real estate goals.

With over two decades of experience in Real Estate and the Building Industry in marketing, Internet, technology, rehabbing and managing investment properties, as well as selling, buying, and financing homes we have insights, techniques, technology and resources that we are happy to share with you.

Our team of experts represents the best and brightest in the industry, and we’re always striving to lead the field in research, innovation, and consumer education. Today’s buyers and sellers need a trusted resource that can capably guide them through the complex world of real estate. With our extensive knowledge and commitment to providing only the best and most timely information to our clients, we are your go-to source for real estate industry insight and advice. We have a vast number of resources and referral networks and make it our job to keep abreast of new issues and technology that can help us to better help you and will communicate any updates and progress clearly to you.

With our team of real estate professionals and cutting edge systems put into place it allows us to service your real estate needs efficiently, making the process streamlined, effective and worry free at no cost to you.

Our Mission Statement:

Our philosophy is simple: clients come first. We pledge to be in constant communication with our clients, keeping them fully informed throughout the entire buying or selling process. We believe that if you’re not left with an amazing experience, we haven’t done our job. We measure success through the satisfaction of our clients and the cherished relationship we build in the process.

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My Experience

Involved in Real Estate and the Building Industry for over 20 years.
Worked with and for my Father who was a Builder and Developer

Licensed Realtor in Northwest Ohio since 2000.
Certified and Experienced as a Relocation Specialist.
Certified and Experienced as an Internet and Marketing Expert
Recognized as a Top Real Estate Sales Agent.
Designed and Published Multi-media Marketing Campaigns for Builders and Developers and Real Estate for Sale.
Served the Toledo Home Remodelers, Home Pro Professional Remodelers Organization and the Home Builder’s Association of Greater Toledo.
Real Estate Investor and Land Lord; personally purchased, renovated, sold and/or leased numerous properties.
Licensed Loan Officer and Credit Consultant from 2001 to 2006
I love helping people and enjoy forming lifelong friendships in the process.

Resources: Referrals to contractors, home staggers, cleaning professionals and other professionals in our area. Relationships with Relocation Companies, Real Estate and Temporary Housing Services, Title Companies, Banks, Mortgage Lenders, Financial Advisors, and Attorneys at Law. We work with a great team of professionals, lenders, title agents, insurance, home inspectors, etc.

Meet Your Needs: With my experience as a Realtor, Marketing Expert, Investor, and Loan Officer I am able to offer invaluable insights, systems and services to aid in home buying and selling, negotiations and the closing process. I offer Free Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) that will help to target your home’s list price based on Market Value and will inform us what a lender will be willing to loan a buyer to purchase it. My background in lending and credit repair gives you invaluable help to get Buyers pre-approved and help them to secure financing with lower rates. This will also help to give you an edge in negotiations and help you to move through the closing of the sale of your home seamlessly.

Seller Services:
Seller and House Listing Interview – Helps Me Get to Know You, Your Needs, Your Goals and How to Market Your Home.

Free Comparable Market Analysis – Ensures that your home is priced competitively and also will give us an idea of how much a Lender will loan the buyer to buy your home.

Home Staging and Maintenance Services – Will help to show your home in its best light.

Targeted Marketing Campaign – Able to market directly to buyers and link them to listings that exactly meet their home search criteria.

Strategic Marketing Software – This regularly sends your listing right into the buyer’s email box even before real estate agents see them.

Buyer Prospect Packets – Includes a flyer on the home, and MLS sheet with details on the home, the property disclosures, a Comparable Market Analysis CMA Report and other information to aid the buyer to write their offer.

Search Engine Optimized SEO Marketing – My listings reach buyers that are on the Internet by being on over 20 top real estate sites that come up high in all of the top search engines.

Buyer Services:

Buyer and Housing Interview – Helps Me Get to Know You, Your Needs and Your Ideal Property

Personalized Buyer’s Web Page – Helps You Find and Manage Properties

Reciprocal Relationships with Local Realtors and Brokers – Access to All Local Home Listings

Relocation Assistance - Helps You Find and Settle into Your Home and Community

Buyer’s Agent Agreement – Ensures that Your Interests are Top Priority in Any Transaction

Housing Resources and Services – Will Help You Build, Buy, Remodel, Finance … and Close Your Home.

Home Buyer’s Guide – Gives Details to Help Home Buying and Homeownership

Home Buying Process – Helps Buyers Make Smart Purchase Decisions

Links to Real Estate Information -

Closing Cost Worksheet

Auto Search E-Mails

HUD Form Clarification

Negotiations & Closing Consultant

The following information is usually required during the loan process:

Legal Name, Your Social Security number , Address and Date of Birth
Current months’ pay stubs & 2 W2s or, if self-employed, your tax returns for the past two years
Bank statements for the past two months
Purchase Agreement (will be provided by your realtor when accepted)

You may need:

Investment account statements for the past two months
Life insurance policy – if you will taking a loan from it
Retirement account statements for the past two months
Make and model of vehicles you own and their resale value
Credit card account information
Auto loan account information
Personal loan account information

If you currently own Real Estate:

Mortgage account information
Home insurance policy information

Home equity account information (if applicable)

Purchase Process Progress Report – Check list

Get a copy of your credit report and correct any errors. Do not Make Any Major Purchases or take out New Loans.
Reduce your consumer debt, No late pays on loans or collections. credit card balances to <50% of the credit limit
Assemble cash down payment. If your Income or debt changes your whole loan will change and need to be redone.
Get a gift letter and Bank Account Statement from donor if you are using gift funds
Work with your Loan Officer (LO) to determine how much you can afford to pay for a home. Housing Payment < 36% of income
Decide the monthly housing payment you will be most comfortable with that will allow you to maintain your desired lifestyle. Be sure to include loan Principle and Interest, Taxes and Insurance (PITI).
Get familiar with basic mortgage terms and programs. Find out the best terms for your situation.
Shop for a mortgage loan with your mortgage lender. Don’t shop rate, shop service, knowledge and costs.
Get your pre-approval Letter (keep it equal to the amount of your offer or the sale amount).
Investigate neighborhoods where you want to look for a house.
Do your own due diligence your Realtor is not legally allowed to discuss protected classes.
Consider neighborhood demographics, school quality and crime rates.
Select two or three neighborhoods that meet your requirements.
Visit homes for sale with your Realtor® and make notes. Outline Major Dislikes and Major Needs.
When researching the homes you are interested in go to to do a search to get listing & area info
You can find out home values and area information at or on
You also may find what the seller originally paid for the home and property tax information at the local County’s web site
You can look up information on your home and neighborhood; demographics, crime rate, sexual offenders, future or current assessments, subdivision regulations or association by laws and declarations and more.
Decide how much to offer for the home you want. Your Agent will provide you with research documentation, Recent Comparable Sales, Tax records and other data that will help you determine a reasonable purchase price.
Have your agent Write your offer and negotiate the purchase terms. Clearly voice your ideas – rely on your Real Estate Agents skills and experience.

Accepted Offer Purchase Process Progress Report – Check list

Stipulate your closing and possession, inspection and financing dates, the tax proration and if the deal is subject to inspection, appraisal, financing, the seller paying buyer closing fees and other items.
Hire an inspector to examine your prospective home (Usually within 10 days after the purchase acceptance).
Accompany your inspector during the inspection.
Get agreement on repairs to be made by the Seller. Inspect repairs and handle other details prior to closing day.
For some loans you will need to get bids on the repairs from licensed and insured contractors
You’re ready to get your loan in order. Meet with your lender, Loan Officer (LO) and provide all needed Documents (listed below)
Your lender will take care of most of the process for you. Ask them to search for programs that will best help your needs. Complete all mortgage loan application requirements. Find out what they will need to get a clear to close.
Be sure to ask to your lender to provide you with all title search information and the final HUD Doc before closing.
You may ask the lender not to charge an origination fee or points (this is a part of your pay to the LO). This makes rate higher.
Seller paid closing fees may have a 3% or 6% of purchase price limit. Ask lender and ask what fees to add to use all of it (Insurance, Home Inspection … HOA fees).
Flood Zone Insurance your lender pulls a Flood Certification or you can go to FIMA Maps to see if it is in a Flood Zone
Property Survey your lender orders survey insurance or you can order a full survey on the property for not much more.
You have the option of signing up for a home warranty that will cover mechanical failures and more.
You may want to hire a lawyer to review your closing documents at the closing. It may be less than $300 and gives you assurance.
Have your Home Owners Insurance Binder for the closing day (you may pay for 1 year or have it paid for at close).
Have the utilities changed over into your name for the day of closing and/or possession
Go to close on your home and loan. Get the Keys and GO HOME! Congratulations on your New Home!
Contact the Moving Company, Change Postal addresses, set up the garbage collection and transfer the utilities into your name set to be the day of closing. HOME FREE!!!

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